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Softscape Design with Digital Imaging – If your yard has areas that don't require new hardscape(concrete, flagstone etc.) and you just want to freshen up existing planters with softscape(plants), we can create a conceptual softscape design using photo realistic digital imaging. During our initial meeting we discuss the current condition of your yard and what areas you would like to rework. We follow this service with a package that includes the digital design(s), plant briefs, a recommendation package and a cost estimate of plant material, deliveries, and spotting of plant material. About 4 weeks from start to finish for design package.*Price starts @ $775.00

Landscape Design Plans – Includes design of hardscape, softscape, garden feature details(BBQ details, water features, etc.) all CAD drafted on bid ready documents, includes planting legends, hardscape call-outs and conceptual detail drafts. We are available for hire during the installation phase to ensure that the goals of the design are achieved. Requires 30-60 days from start to finish.*Price starts @ $1900.00 (half property - back or front yard) or $2950 (full property). Note: An initial consultation fee of $75 will apply for property visits in excess of 20 miles from Costa Mesa.

Plant Palette - If you have seen something you like in our portfolio, and you are ready to dive-in, perhaps all that is needed is a Plant Palette Board to get going in the right direction. This service includes a conceptual planting board with photos of all the plant material that will be included in your palette. A planting legend, (which specifies size, quantity and price of all material) and a packet of plant briefs are also included in this package. This package does not include a draft/sketch or digital. Designer would need to be retained at an hourly rate of $90 for spotting of plant material on installation day.*Price is based on design

Consulting – On-site design/horticultural consultation. Any questions you have concerning horticultural practices or landscape design can be answered in a 3 hour minimum consultation. One hour and half hour on-site, one hour and half in office.* Hourly rate of $125 applies

Interior Styling - Price determined on a per project basis. Sample project shown on this web-site was done entirely by GREEN; this project included selection of paint, furniture,flooring, window treatments, accessories, plant material, etc.


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